Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters

Note: Phone numbers will not be posted on the web for privacy reasons.  If you need to contact one of the individuals below by phone, please come to a meeting or ask one of the directors or any active booster for contact information.

General Contact Information

Mailing Address:   Email Address:  
Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters, Inc.
P.O. Box 606
Davison, MI  48423-0606

Booster Officers: (Elected by the membership)

Office 2-Year Term Person Contact info
President 2022-24 Mandy Barrett dbob.inc@gmail.com
Vice President 2022-23 Amie Hayes amiehayes36@hotmail.com
Secretary 2022-24 Mike Hayes michaelrhayes33@gmail.com
Treasurer 2020-2023 Jenny McLaughlin jmclau02@gmail.com


Appointed Positions: (Appointed by the Director)

Position Person Contact information
Lead Chaperon (HS) Deborah Collins deborahkcollins@aol.com or chaperons.dbob@gmail.com
Lead Chaperon (HS) Jessica Eckel jessicaeckel2013@gmail.com or chaperons.dbob@gmail.com

Uniform Coordinator (HS)

Stephanie Gebauer



Student Accounts Manager (8th-12th grade) Sara Eisenman studentactivity88@gmail.com
Support Positions and Chairpersons
Position Person Contact Information
Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Brown jesstoddbrown@gmail.com
Trailer Hauling and Equipment Maintenance         Kevin Barrett kevin.barrett1060@gmail.com
Fundraisers Jessica Eckel  
Concessions Jessica Eckel jessicaeckel2013@gmail.com
Awards Vacant  
Social Media Coordinator Mandy Barrett mandy.barrett106@gmail.com