Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters

All Booster sponsored fundraisers must be approved by the membership.  This is usually accomplished at a booster meeting (see schedule) or if you are unable to make a meeting, contacting the president and asking him to present the fundraising idea to the membership in your behalf.  You will need to fill out the fundraiser form found by following the link to your right. For each fundraiser, a fundraising form must be filled out prior to approval, and a report must be filed with the boosters documenting the event and reporting on the finances.  Comments regarding the logistics and logs kept are also helpful to future boosters running future events.  (Eg. How many of an item did we sell or have left over etc.  Problems that arose, solutions that worked well.)  Finance reports should coincide with treasurer's records.  NOTE:  ALL INCOME SHOULD BE COUNTED BY 2 (UNRELATED) ADULTS at each step of transfer. (This includes prior to taking it home after a fundraiser activity.)  Link to Fundraiser Form