Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters

5th & 6th grade orchestra:  Orchestra begins in the 5th grade, under the direction of Mr. Marttila.  Students meet daily during school hours and may meet after school for an occasional practice session per the discretion of the director. You may also want to check out Mr. Marttila's web site:  www.dstring.com which has additional help/tips for the young strings player.

5th grade Band:  Band begins in the 5th grade under the guidance of Mrs. McMartin and Mr. Bronson.  Together they meet with students each school day to give beginning instruction.  Often high school students volunteer to give extra individual instruction on Wednesday mornings during school hours.  An attempt is made to schedule students of like instruments together in a class, but this is not always possible.  The 5th grade band will typically meet together for a group practice prior to their concert, pulling together as an ensemble for performance.  5th grade is an important year of basic instruction and wonderful enthusiasm. 

6th grade Band:  The 6th grade band meets daily during the school day, under the direction of Mrs. Susan McMartin, continuing instruction in the individual instruments as well as group performance.  All sections of the band will typically meet in the same hour, coming together as an ensemble.  


Parents:  You are likely to have many questions as your children embark upon their musical experiences.  Involvement in the instrumental music program will enhance their school experience in so many ways.  If you have any questions or concerns, follow this link for information on how to contact the director of your child's ensemble.  If you would like to talk to a parent who's "been there", feel free to email one of the boosters or come to the Band and Orchestra Booster meetings, 2nd Tuesday of each month in the High School AMR room.
Private lessons:  are not required to participate in the program, but are an advantage for your student.  Though our directors try their best to give instruction to each student, it is difficult in the time allotted.  Instruction from an individual whose main instrument is the instrument your child is playing can be invaluable for learning techniques specific to your child's instrument.  There are many routes you can use, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.  These include private instruction at the Flint Institute of Music, or from private instructors known in the area for your child's instrument.  Sometimes tutoring can be set up with an older student, or a college student, which is helpful in the early years, but your student may eventually outgrow the usefulness.  There are summer band camps, during which your child can receive intense individual instruction and make a few friends.  (See Scholarships page.)  Discuss these options with your child's director.  There may be an affordable option suited for your needs.