Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters


Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters sponsor band camp scholarships.  The amount varies from year to year, based on the funds available from the fall Booster fundraiser, and the number of applicants.    The amount given is based on a formula that takes into account the cost of the camp (after other scholarships have been given, eg. Blue Lake Scholarships) and the number of students applying.

NOTE:  One can use this scholarship toward programs such as:
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Michigan Chapter of American String Teachers Association Camp (in Howell)
Interlochen Arts Camp (near Traverse City)
or any other summer instrumental music fine arts camp recommended by your Davison Instrumental Music instructor and approved by the Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters.

PRIVATE LESSONS SCHOLARSHIPS - Scholarships may also be used towards private lessons at an approved site instead of a resident music camp.  The instructor/facility must be approved by the student's Davison Instrumental Music program instructor and the Boosters.  Again, amounts of the scholarship will vary from year to year.  Scholarships are based on the amount of profit from the fall product sales and is split between the combination of summer camp and private lessons scholarship applicants.  See application form for directions.

Eligibility - Any student who has sold $75.00 worth of product in the fall fundraiser, or donated $75.00 to the Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters by the due date posted on the application form. Only ONE scholarship per student per year may be given.

APPLICATION FORMS - Application forms will be made available in each classroom or by following the forms link.  Applications must be filled out and mailed to the address given on the application by the given due date.  Checks will be mailed directly to the address requested on the application, but will be made out to the camps or private lesson instructors.



Information regarding senior scholarships can be found by clicking here.