Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters

What are student accounts? Student accounts are a place where high school students will store profits from fundraisers to be used for trip or band camp payments.
What is the stored money used for? Profits deposited are stored and can be used to pay for the Band and Orchestra trip or for DHS Marching Band Camp.
How do I deposit money into the account? Three ways:

1.  By participating in Band & Orchestra Boosters sponsored fundraisers.  Your profits will automatically be deposited.

2.  By making payments for a band trip and turning them into the class treasurer at school.  Cash and checks/money orders must be made payable to DAVISON HIGH SCHOOL.

3. By making payments for band camp and mailing them to the DBOB post office box at:

Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters, Inc.
P.O. Box 606
Davison, MI  48423-0606

Cash and checks/money orders must be made payable to DAVISON HIGH SCHOOL.

How do I know how much is in my account? Periodically throughout the year this information is posted in the Instrumental Music Room, or contact the Student Accounts Manager listed on our contact info page.
Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my account? Contact the Students Account Manager listed on our contact info page.
Can a student or parent withdraw cash from this account? No.  Money is stored in a designated school budget account and individual accounts are tracked by the instrumental music department.  School rules are such that the money can only be applied to school approved activities.  In the Band and Orchestra this includes Marching Band Camp and the annual trip.  Payments made for the trip are nonrefundable and can only be applied to the trip for which the payment was made.
What happens to left over money when a student graduates? This account is NOT intended as a personal savings account.  Money left when a student graduates becomes the property of the instrumental music department (NOT Davison Band and Orchestra Boosters). It is recommended that you attempt to use up your money in your senior year.  Keep informed about the amount by watching the postings or contacting the individual mentioned above.  It is possible to transfer the funds to the student account of a younger sibling IF that sibling has an established student account with the Band & Orchestra.