Davison Band & Orchestra Boosters

  EVERY parent with a child in the program is a booster, encouraging and supporting their child's efforts. Some also choose to volunteer their time in other ways, ranging from helping set up for concerts, passing out and collecting uniforms, helping organize fund raisers, to chaperoning various events. Every little bit of help is very much appreciated, and adds up to be a great asset to the music program.  
Our goal: The Boosters, under the guidance of the music department faculty, help fill student needs, give assistance to the directors where necessary, and support the instrumental music program wherever appropriate. Our goal is to pool the special talents of many volunteers to provide a useful service to the instrumental music program.
  At meetings, the directors keep us up to date on what the various groups are doing, and ask for our input when desired.  The directors value our opinions and appreciate our candor, but they make the decisions regarding programming and the extracurricular activities they are directing. During meetings the boosters arrange to chaperon trips, sponsor fundraisers, and let others know where help is needed.  Boosters also discuss and vote on how any funds raised will be spent. The best way to keep informed about what is going on in the music program, and what opportunities future years in the program will bring for your child, is to come to the meetings (2nd Tuesday of each month). Don't feel you have to wait until your child is in high school to attend meetings. It is both useful and desirable to have input from parents of students at Hahn and the Middle School. In addition, you can get a preview of the many opportunities that will be open to your student when they reach high school.
  What does achieving our goal  involve?  Many of our tasks allow the directors more time to do what they do best, interact with and instruct our children. Boosters take care of uniform fittings, chaperon bus trips, help students with minor problems, (for example supplying a much needed safety pin), help move equipment needed for concerts when traveling, and other time consuming tasks that cannot be done by the director alone. We supply snacks and water if needed.  Under the guidance of the High School band director, we help chaperon the yearly High School band trip, upholding school policies, and keeping it safe, yet enjoyable for the students. We also offer scholarships for students from our program that choose to attend summer instrumental music camps, and scholarships for some of the graduating seniors from our program.  Follow this link for more information on scholarship eligibility.
  Fundraisers: Of course, in order to accomplish the goals listed above, fundraising is necessary. The boosters sponsor fundraisers not only to supply funds for booster efforts, but to offer students opportunities to defray the cost of the High School Band trip and Marching Band camp. Student accounts are set up in the spring of the student's eighth grade year in order to store money raised by that student. This money can be applied to designated instrumental music high school activities.  Follow this link for more information regarding Booster Fundraisers.
  No need to over-commit: Each individual is free (without being pressured) to choose how much time he or she wishes to volunteer, and what volunteer opportunities they find fit their own talents, their schedule, and are the most enjoyable and rewarding. Because we perform such a variety of tasks, there is a volunteer need that matches most individual's special talents. Our goal is for each parent to feel useful, not over-taxed or badgered, but to have fun while helping our students.  If we each use our individual talents, together we can help support and improve the instrumental music program. The music program will enhance our students' school experience while building important life skills.